Custom Research

Our community already knew we were growing fast, and we had a good understanding of the challenges that come with it. DHM Research dug way below the surface of what the predictable impacts of growth are on our community, to the deeper questions on both how we feel about our growing city and how to have a productive conversation about it. This work has prompted a thousand conversations that are now different than they were before we had access to data and understanding on our values around growth.

Katy Brooks, President, Bend, OR Chamber of Commerce

Partnering to Hear from Oregonians

Since 1992, DHM has led the Oregon Values and Beliefs Project, a study of Oregonians across the state.  Research stakeholders who have joined DHM Research to fund the research include the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Health & Science University, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and Oregon State University.


Experiential Focus Groups

Sealaska is the largest of thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA).  Since 1981, DHM has conducted research for Sealaska’s board of directors and management team about natural resource issues in Southeast Alaska, including forest management in the Tongass Forest.  The unusual measure of this customized research included flying randomly recruited focus group participants residing in Juneau, Alaska to a nearby logging camp to observe timber harvest operations in the Tongass, then debriefing them in a focus group discussion back in Juneau.  Participants were provided a waterproof notebook and pencil to record observations and thoughts and were provided a lunch at the camp.  Findings were used to plan corporate communications.

Live Streaming Focus Groups

DHM Research has live-streamed focus group discussions with different populations and presented analysis in real-time to engage audiences and spur exceptional discussions at conferences and workshops.  Clients have included Portland General Electric, Portland State University, among others.  In addition to streaming a focus group discussion to a remote meeting location, DHM has conducted live focus groups in front of small groups, again affording a unique viewing opportunity for observers and spurring good post-focus group discussion.

Panel Development for Online Surveys

DHM developes and helpes to maintain panels to assist clients with online research, public engagement, and public education.  These projects include Opt In for Metro and Oregon’s Kitchen Table for the National Policy Consensus Center.  Another panel, Westside Voices, engaged Washington County residents about services in their neighborhoods.  Clean Water Services used the panel to conduct regular customer satisfaction and awareness surveys about water resources management, and we also worked with CWS to develop partnerships with other local organizations, such as the Washington County Cooperative Libraries, to broaden the scope of survey topics and facilitate cost-sharing.  


Assisting with Brand Building

For 12 years, DHM Research partnered with Oregon Business Magazine to compile their annual “100 Best Companies to Work for in Oregon.  The project helped the monthly magazine build its brand, including increasing readership and advertising revenue. The research design was customized to be valid and to meet OBM’s marketing goals and cost constraints. The project evolved to include “100 Best Green Workplaces in Oregon” and “100 Best Nonprofits to Work for in Oregon.”  DHM helped OBM bring the project inside and remains on standby to assist. 


Researching Hard-to-Reach Populations

Working closely with clients, collaborating with community partners, and employing mixed research methodologies DHM is successful at reaching people who are in small demographic or lifestyle groups, have had a particular experience, or share a specific viewpoint.  We support organizations such as the Chalkboard Project, Energy Trust of Oregon, Oregon Health Authority, Acora Foundation (formerly Delta Dental), and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in their work with such populations high school students, low-income residents, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, and African-Americans with diabetes––to inform policy making, planning, and communications.

Communicating Results

DHM regularly coordinates with clients and creative partners to develop printed public relations reports and digital content and websites.  For the TechTown Diversity Pledge––developed in coordination with Prosper Portland and over 25 stakeholders––we developed a one-page “company scorecard” to assist companies is assessing the effectiveness of steps they have taken to meet the project’s goals.