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Three people engaged in a lively conversation, using their hands to emphasize their communication. One person is holding a cup of coffee.

Politics May Be on Oregonians’ Minds, but It Is Not a Part of Their Identity

Throughout our research at DHM, we consistently hear concerns about party distrust and the growing political divide. As we head into a new year rife with ballot measures, new government, …

Black man and woman couple sitting at a table in front of a laptop doing personal finances. They look happy and hopeful.

Oregonians Remain Gloomy About the State’s Economic Conditions, While Most Feel Good About Their Personal Financial Situation.

Oregon’s Economic Conditions 2023 started with dire warnings about economic conditions in the United States, with many economists predicting a recession was a certainty. And yet, 2023 saw strong job …

Black and white photo of trees in Washington state dressed in fog above

How Are Washingtonians Feeling Going Into 2024?

In December, DHM Research surveyed likely voters in Washingtonian to gauge public opinion across a variety of topics heading into 2024. Here are some of our key takeaways. A majority …

A person typing on a MacBook. They are wearing an Apple Watch and a gold wedding ring set. They have a cup of tea next to them and a notebook and pen.

Taking the Temperature on Jobs in Washington

DHM’s recent statewide poll dives deeper into the differences in values between different age groups in the workforce. The results indicate that as this new generation enters the working world, …

Mt. Rainier behind a line of trees and their reflections in a lake

Public Opinion in Washington – A Look at the Last 15 Years

DHM Research has conducted public opinion research in the Pacific Northwest for over 45 years. This past summer, DHM Research intern Jane Tang combed through, compiled, and analyzed data from …

PNW Gen Z Workplace Insights. Quinn Thomas. DHM Research.

Two Truths and a Lie: TikTok, Texting, & Entitlement in the PNW Gen Z Workforce

Employers are currently balancing an increasingly multicultural and multigenerational workplace. As Gen Z, defined as those between 9 and 26 years old, enters and progresses in the workforce, there is …

Young person sitting/kneeling and bent over painting

Anxiety in Oregonians

In surveys conducted in March 2020 and April 2023, DHM Research included a screening tool for generalized anxiety disorder, called the Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7-item (GAD-7). Incorporating this screening tool …

A picture containing person holding phone, blurred people walking through building

Washington voters weigh in on artificial intelligence

In our most recent Washington survey, we asked voters their opinions about artificial intelligence (AI). This is a topic previously unexplored by DHM Research but one we will track as …

photo of container/cargo ship anchored at Port of Portland

Oregon voters share their opinions about immigration and foreign trade

In our most recent Oregon survey, we asked voters their opinions about immigration and foreign trade. To see if, and how, opinions have changed, we returned to some questions we …

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