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Photo of alley between brick buildings with litter and debris on the ground

Oregon voters support bringing back criminal penalties for drug possession

In 2020, Oregon voters passed Measure 110, which decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs and redirected cannabis taxes to fund drug treatment programs. Since then, Oregonians have continued …

Photo of woman wearing glasses and looking down at desk

Voters are split on the current state of the Washington economy, and many are worried about their economic futures

DHM Research’s most recent statewide poll finds that many of Washingtonians’ top issues are related to the economy. While voters are split on how they feel about the current state …

Photo of woman with curly hair looking at tablet and holding a piece of paper

Living situation impacts opinions on housing as affordability remains top of mind for Washingtonians

Housing affordability is and will likely continue to be a top issue in Washington. With persistent inflation, high interest rates, and a shortage of affordable places to live across the …

Photo of people playing soccer against each other

Oregonians support protecting transgender people from discrimination—but are split on other issues

A new statewide survey asks Oregonians their opinions on transgender issues and policies. Some key findings include: The questions in this survey match language used in a 2022 Pew Research …

Woman with tattoos writing notes while leaning on counter

Cost of living has Washingtonians considering a move

Many Washingtonians don’t think the quality of life in Washington is worth the cost of living. A new statewide survey finds that 51% of Washingtonians would move to another state …

Photo of person walking along the beach wearing a hoodie and looking down.

Oregonians name homelessness and housing as top 2023 legislative priorities

Most Oregonians are optimistic that homelessness can be solved in their communities and support diverting money from the state’s “rainy day” fund to do so. A new DHM statewide poll …

Photo of 2 people sitting on the floor around a table covered in papers.

Oregonians are concerned about home values and are split on housing bills in the legislature

Housing is a crucial issue for Oregonians across the state. With inflation, rising interest rates, and a persistent shortage of available homes, too many Oregonians are struggling to afford a …

Photo of empty jury seats

Oregonians continue to lose confidence in the criminal justice system

Decreasing confidence levels are heavily driven by partisan differences at the federal level. Statewide survey results indicate that Oregonians confidence in the criminal justice system continues to be a partisan …

Photo of man and woman looking contemplative and sitting at a table drinking from mugs.

Oregonians’ persistent pessimism

Oregonians have not broken out of their funk. A new statewide survey finds that Oregonians continue to think that the state is on the wrong track, hold negative views of …

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