DHM Research

Tipping Culture in Washington

Washingtonians oppose automatic service charges and suggested tip amounts but tip their baristas more consistently than the rest of the country.

DHM Research recently conducted a statewide survey to gauge Washingtonians’ perceptions of the state and the economy, evaluate impressions of key leaders, and assess attitudes on different issues impacting Washington. In this survey, we asked a series of questions about attitudes toward tipping and compared the data to a national survey that asked the same questions. Here are some of our takeaways:

  • 74% of Washingtonians oppose automatic service charges and 60% oppose suggested tip amounts on a bill or checkout screen.
  • However, they are more likely to tip their barista than other Americans; among those who go to coffee shops, 53% of Washingtonians always or often tip when buying a coffee or other beverage at a coffee shop compared to only 25% nationwide.
  • In Washington, the typical tip at a sit-down restaurant is higher than the rest of the nation; 64% in Washington say they tip 15% or more compared to only 43% nationwide.