DHM Research

Washington voters weigh in on artificial intelligence

In our most recent Washington survey, we asked voters their opinions about artificial intelligence (AI). This is a topic previously unexplored by DHM Research but one we will track as technology and opinions evolve.

The capabilities of technologies regarded as artificial intelligence have increased rapidly in recent years. Some experts and political leaders have suggested a pause in the development of certain types of AI, and others have suggested that governments should regulate the field. DHM wanted to know what everyday Washingtonians thought, and here is what we found:

  • When asked how they feel about the overall future of AI, voters are unsure; 33% are optimists, 23% are pessimists, and 43% say it is complicated
  • Voters ages 30-44 are most optimistic (41% optimists) and those age 65 and older are least optimistic (23% optimists)
  • People with incomes over $150K are more likely (52% optimists) than other income groups (33% optimists across all other groups) to be optimists about AI
  • Only 12% say that they are not worried reading dire warnings about AI from high profile individuals
  • When asked which is closer to their opinion: 77% said AI should only be developed if the technology is fully understood while 14% said we should develop AI technology as quickly as possible
  • 60% agree that AI should be regulated by the government
  • 72% believe private companies should be responsible for supporting employees who lose their job to AI until they are able to find another job with similar pay.