DHM Research

The Oregon Voices Project Explores Statewide Values and Beliefs

In 2018, DHM Research provided survey and focus group research for the Oregon Voices Project—the first and most rigorous statewide values and beliefs study since 2013.

The Oregon Voices Project is supported by the Coalition of Oregon Land Trusts, in partnership with the Land Trust Alliance, the Yarg Foundation, and DHM Research. The project aims to identify what Oregonians care most about, how they spend their time, who they trust, and how environmental issues affect their daily lives. Preliminary findings are available at the Oregon Voices Project site, with full results expected later this year.

Through surveys and focus groups, researchers engaged a representative sample of more than 2000 Oregonians, while making a concerted and successful effort to hear from traditionally hard-to-reach groups, including rural residents, young people, and communities of color.

The work is an extension of DHM’s pioneering statewide values and beliefs research, conducted decennially since 1992. Visit the Oregon Values and Beliefs Project to learn more.

Check out the Oregon Voices Project site.