DHM Research

Survey shows that Oregonians overwhelmingly support the state’s stay at home orders

Infographic showing a majority of Oregon voters support stay at home orders.

DHM Research conducted its second survey of Oregonians about COVID-19. This survey focuses on their opinions about the state’s stay at home orders and the conditions that they think need to be met to allow businesses, schools and other places to reopen.

The results are clear that Oregonians’ support the stay at home orders, and that support is broad across all areas of the state and political affiliations. The survey also shows that the most important conditions to meet before reopening are widespread COVID-19 testing with declining positive cases, sufficient hospital capacity, and the availability effective treatments.

This is the first data release for the survey. Upcoming data releases will focus on when Oregonians believe that it will be safe to return to normal activities, their opinions and experiences with the healthcare system, and support for releasing people from jails and prisons.

The research was completed as a community service by DHM Research in partnership with the Oregon Values and Beliefs Center. Both organizations are independent and non-partisan. DHM Research is a Certified B Corporation and OVBC is an Oregon charitable nonprofit corporation.