DHM Research

Living with COVID-19 Reason for Optimism

DHM Research is pleased to share results of our latest COVID-19 survey. This is the second of two data releases for this survey. Key findings in today’s release include:

  • 43% of Oregonians now say the state is headed in the right direction while 38% feel that it is off on the wrong track. The right direction percentage is down from 56% in April.
  • Oregonians are feeling a mixture of optimism and pessimism about the future. On the positive side, 57% report that most days they feel that there are valuable lessons to be learned from COVID-19. But on the negative side, 53% also report that most days they feel that we won’t learn from COVID-19 or change our behaviors.
  • Many Oregonians believe that some changes we’ve experienced due to COVID-19 will become permanent, including increased online shopping (59%), remote working (46%), and, worryingly, persistently high unemployment (26%).