DHM Research

Is the Worst Behind Us? An Update on the Economic Outlook of Oregonians

  • 63% of Oregonians rate the state’s economic conditions as poor or very poor. This is up from 55% in March.
  • Although Oregonians are growing more concerned about the state of the economy, they have become less worried about their own personal financial situations. Now, 49% say that they are somewhat or very worried about their financial situation, which is down from 63% in March and 56% in April.
  • Oregonians are becoming increasingly divided about opening up the economy. Given the choice 40% said it is urgent to open up the economy while 55% said it is not safe yet. Opinions vary starkly by political party with 66% of Republicans saying that opening is urgent compared to just 16% of Democrats.

Additional findings in the survey include the percentage of Oregonians who expect need help paying for everyday basics and housing, current attitudes on taxes and public spending, beliefs about longer-term changes about work, driving and personal consumption.