Case Study

Electric Vehicles


Until spring 2017, Forth was known as Drive Oregon, a small but powerful nonprofit advocacy organization focused on electrifying transportation in Oregon. Drive Oregon wanted to expand their scope nationwide and shift their tone to reach consumers and inspire behavior change to bring electric vehicles into the mainstream. Brink Communications worked with Drive Oregon on a comprehensive rebrand that started with a name change (from Drive Oregon to Forth) and carried through to all touchpoints including an electric vehicle showcase—Go Forth Electric Showcase—the first of its kind in the country.


Using opinion research, DHM worked with Brink Communications and Forth to create easy-to-understand language and visuals about electric vehicles that encourage consumers and partners to learn more.


Forth continues to expand their reach in the EV world and the Showcase has had over 1,500 visitors and hosted almost 200 test drives in its first five months.

The Brink Communications logo.
The Forth logo.