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As COVID-19 Spreads in Oregon, So Does Negativity

With the rise of COVID-19 cases this summer, Oregonians’ mood is increasingly negative. Barely one-third of Oregonians think the state is headed in the right direction, worries about personal finances are on the rise, and negative feelings about Governor Brown are at a record high.

These conditions could offer an opportunity for Republicans heading into 2022. However, Democrats remain the more trusted party on a number of key issues including COVID-19, healthcare, environment, and K-12 education. There are signs of opportunities for Republicans, though. They are nearly tied on trust when it comes to jobs, taxes and managing the budget. And Republicans lead on one issue that Oregonians are increasingly concerned about: crime.

In this survey we also asked several questions about Oregonians’ views of America. There are some concerning differences by generation. Younger Oregonians are much less likely to say they are proud to be an American or to agree that if you work hard and play by the rules you can get ahead in this country. Perhaps because of their frustrations, younger Oregonians also show signs of being more likely to support aggressive political leadership. Half of young Oregonians agreed to a statement that America needs a leader willing to break some rules to set things right.

Here are some key survey findings:

  • Just 36% of Oregonians think the state is headed in the right direction
  • 69% are worried about the spread of COVID-19 in their communities, up from 60% in March
  • 58% are worried about their personal financial situations, up from 48% in March
  • 58% have a negative impression of Governor Brown, a record high
  • Oregonians trust Democrats more than Republicans on a range of issues, from COVID-19, healthcare, environment and K-12 education
  • 45% agree that American needs a leader who is willing to break some rules
  • 34% agree that if elected leaders will not protect America, the people must do it themselves even if that requires taking violent action

This is the second data release from the survey. The first release showed Oregonians’ support for vaccine mandates and their opinions about September 11th.

Chart showing 69% of Oregonians are worried about Covid-19.