Qualitative Research
DHM Research is a highly respected leader in providing independent qualitative opinion research tailored to our clients’ needs. With every project we deliver to our clients:
  • More than 40 years’ experience designing, conducting, and reporting opinion research throughout the Pacific Northwest and United States.
  • Capacity to add value to strategic recommendations by drawing upon decades of extensive work assessing attitudes about a variety of issues.
  • Experience assisting public, private, and nonprofit clients with decision-making, including visioning, strategic planning, program evaluation, budgeting, and communications.
  • Clearly presenting and communicating findings to diverse audiences, including businesses, elected officials, community leaders, and boards of directors, through informative, insightful, and actionable presentations.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a superior technique for providing in-depth context and insights, and is useful for studying communities where quantitative research is difficult. DHM focus groups typically consist of a two-hour discussion led by one of our expert moderators. These sessions allow for deep content analysis and are especially valuable for strategic planning, public policy development, and determining the efficacy of media communications campaigns.

Large Group Study

A large group study is a qualitative research method based on the focus group technique. It strikes a balance between the collection of valid and statistically reliable information and getting to the underlying motivations behind residents’ expressed attitudes. Instead of 8–12 participants, the large group approach uses 20–50 participants, depending on budgetary and time constraints.

Like focus groups, large groups are a superior technique for gaining an in-depth understanding of how people feel about a particular issue or topic because it allows for the exploration of why participants gave the answer they did. More than one study is completed to further assure the generation of enough data to support quantitative findings. At the same time, the small group “feel” needed for discussions and qualitative findings is largely retained with appropriate changes in discussion moderating to deal with the larger numbers.

In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) provide the opportunity for one-one-one conversations, and are highly effective at assessing opinions and motivators in a private and confidential manner. An IDI is guided by a set of questions, but flows freely and allows the respondent an opportunity to elaborate on their responses for a clearer picture and representation of their overall views. IDIs provide robust information and build goodwill with participants––often making them feel more supportive of the sponsor. IDIs work well when participants have extremely busy schedules or might be reluctant to share their opinions or ideas in front of others, such as in a focus group.

Our Partners

Research at DHM is conducted directly with clients across a wide range of organization and interests. Frequently, communication agencies, public affairs firms, consulting firms, and others partner with DHM to enhance understanding of awareness, values, beliefs, and messaging. DHM is proud to partner with these exceptional firms, and others.
Quinn Thomas
Coates Kokes
Brink Communications
Stratacomm LLC
Oregon Public Broadcasting
Pamplin Media Group
Barney & Worth
Hubbell Communications