DHM Research—A History of Experience and Expertise
Four decades of research has banked DHM a great deal of experience and expertise that clients benefit from every day. It began with college friends setting up shop in a garage, became a firm known for innovation and for its commitment to excellence, and is now a woman-owned firm and certified B Corporation. Here are key developments, unique opportunities and contributions along the path, all resulting in a robust legacy to propel DHM Research into the future.


2018—Company reorganization, new employee management team 
2018—B Corporation certification
2016—Thought leadership and 4 P’s initiative:  Politics, Policy People, Planning 
2016—Washington, DC office established 
2015—Mozilla cybersecurity delphi project—national qualitative research 
2015—First national survey—Values and Beliefs Across Generations 
2013—Third Oregon Values and Beliefs study—OCF, OHSU, OPB, OSU 
2012—Launched the DHM Panel: a probability based online research panel to assist with company projects and business development 
2011—Opt-In Panel developed for Metro to assist with research, communications, and citizen engagement 
2011—Davis, Hibbitts, & Midghall, Inc. becomes DHM Research 
2007—Community Health Priorities Project—Northwest Health Foundation 
2005—First Chalkboard Project—Foundations for a Better Oregon 
2004—First 100 Best Companies Project—Oregon Business Magazine 
2004—Becomes Davis, Hibbitts, & Midghall, Inc.
2002—Second Oregon Values and Beliefs study: inferential statistical analysis for a typology of Oregonians 
2002—First Your City, Your Choice study—City of Portland 
2001—First large group study to administer budget building exercise for the City of Portland 
1997—7 States Survey using conventional and policy-capturing techniques and focus group study 
1996—First project for the Oregon Forest Resources Institute, still a client 
1994—Davis & Hibbitts Incorporated 
1992—First Oregon Values and Beliefs study 
1991—Assisted Governor Barbara Roberts with Conversation with Oregon 
1982—Association with jury behavior research and the Data Decisions Group—West Coast Projects 
1981—First project with Sealaska, an Alaska Native regional corporation—still a client 
1981—Alaska Capital Move Campaign—company expansion, start of focus group research 
1979—Name change to Oregon Attitudes, Inc. 
1977—Pragmatic Politics of Oregon is born